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Chief, your village is unprotected there are a million warring clans out to get you and steal all your loot the best defense is a supreme offense

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So your new to the game? how long should you expect to play till your maxed? below time line based on 3-4 hours per day playing with 5 builders as soon as possiable


6 months relitivity quick progress for the first 9 levles lots of fun on the way see our guides but 6 months is a reasonable expcation of a maxed out TH9


TH10 is where the game truly starts since the release of th13 th10 is the new th9 if you truly want to know the game spend more time learning the layout tequniues and abilities. if just looking for progress then 7 months at this level if you want to be good give your self 8-9 months at this level


about 9 months will plod you though this level be sure to check out the dark elixor farming tips on TH12 page as heros are your real slow point here

TH12-TH13 max

1 Month hero upgrades insane timers here but its thetop of the top the crem de la crem expect to give a year into this stage

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